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Apex Machinery

Apex machinery started operation with a product called the "surestop" a length measuring device, which sold strongly until the advent of automation when the product as discontinued.

Next came the "Kwikset" jig still selling strongly after 10 years, also about this time, the "Kwikpress Bottom Chord Press" was developed to increase pressing cycles on the Kwikset Jig.

Now the Kwiktable has started operation with much success, in setups, ease of operation and speed.

Paul Bastow

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Kwikset Jig

Kwikset Jig

The Kwikset Jig is a rapid setup jig with Flo-thru stations. It is suitable for mid size truss plants looking to increase production, without large capital expenditure.

The Kwikset Jig has been developed to accommodate standard and complex truss shapes in both short and long production runs. With simple and fast setup, production is increased significantly.

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